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Richard VanOver – Wheaty Wheat Prototyping Studios

Richard VanOver
Owner, Wheaty Wheat Prototyping Studios

I’ve used a lot of silicones and resins in my career. One of the best suppliers for silicone and resins is MPK Enterprises.

I’ve worked with a few of their silicone products 2125 Blue and green, Brushable  silicones,  and the 107 soft silicone. All of them performed outstanding, but my favorite is the 2125 Blue. The molds last without tearing, I have molds 3yrs old that are still solid to cast pieces from.

My all time favorite product is MPK 70 urethane resin. I use both the 180 sec and the 10 min. This is one of the best resins I have found it has no odor, sands very easy and has few to no bubbles that gather to details.
The MPK 70 – 10 minute, makes a great product even better. It allows you time to pour big molds with out making you rush, pour molds with heavy details or small parts giving enough time for air bubbles to find  there way through tight areas in the mold and lastly it helps when the weather is hot, where 180 sec resin become 2 sec resin, again giving you time to pour and not feel rushed.

As a professional I have been very satisfied with MPK products and services since 2005. I recommend MPK products to all hobbyists and professionals who are looking for a reliable product backed by a reliable company.