DBT Instructions

DBT Intructions

DBT is a one part additive used with condensation cure silicones to increase the cure speed. This is a by weight mix ratio. An accurate gram scale is recommended. IMPORTANT: Working time is drastically reduced in proportion to how much DBT you use. DBT added to total weight : Base / Cat 10.1 by weight plus DBT ) Physicals will be affected most of all library life.

DBT added total weight Gel Time Demold Time
No DBT 90 min 4 to 6 hrs
0.20% 48 min 3.2 hrs
0.40% 40 min 2.66 hrs
0.60% 28 min 1.87 hrs
0.80% 25 min 1.77 hrs
1.00% 21 min 1.44 hrs
2.00% 10 min 0.66 hrs
These results can vary slightly due to the final cure spec of the base and catalyst material. This is meant to be a guide , NOT SPECIFICATIONS