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Michael Dinetz – Haunted Dreams Effects Studio

Fiberglass and 2125 mold

I have been working with silicone for 8 years now for molds and skin pieces. I first tried using 2125 for molds in late 2007, when my company was asked to do a make-up requiring 25 prosaide transfer injuries. It performed beautifully, capturing excellent detail and our molds cured at standard hardness in only 2 hours (nothing I had ever seen before). Now it is the only silicone that enters my facilities for mold purposes.

In addition I tried using Skin 30 for a head and shoulder bust that I needed to produce for a show. I added 30% silicone oil to soften the Skin 30 and not a a drop of it leached out. We painted it with silicone paint made from Shinetsu caulking, dry pigments, and naphtha. I have never seen silicone paint adhere to a silicone prop like this. None of the paint rubbed off, even when we aggressively tried to remove it to test durability. Skin 30 is now the only skin silicone my company uses for skins and false body parts.

We love Michael Knott’s silicones.

Michael, we could not provide the excellent work that we do without the help of your amazing products and customer service.

Michael Dinetz
Haunted Dreams Effects Studio

Thank you so much.